Announcing the new 1200 dpi version of Roland's 24” six-color thermal transfer print and cut machine, the ColorCAMM PRO PC-600. The PC-600 raises the bar for thermal transfer technology by combining 1200 dpi photorealistic output with printing and cutting speeds that are faster by an average of 20 to 40% compared to earlier versions of the machine.

The PC-600, Roland’s fourth generation thermal transfer printer/cutter, is ideal for signmakers, graphic designers and screenprinters wanting to expand their business with short-run stickers, labels, and heat-transfers for garments as well as posters, signs, prototyping or P.O.P. creations. The Roland ColorChoice RIP makes the PC-600 fast and easy to use. And ribbon-saver technology lowers running costs.



PC-600 Features 

As the newest addition to Roland’s high-end thermal printers, the PC-600 represents the 4th generation thermal printer/cutter. The ColorCAMM PRO PC-600 features:

  • Print and cut in one machine.
  • 1200 x 600 dpi thermal transfer printing
  • Superior outdoor durability without lamination
  • Ribbon Saver feature for improved efficiency
  • Automatic media cutter  
  • High performance, high-precision cutting
  • Stand included
  • Roland ColorChoice® driver-based RIP for Windows® 95/98/NT and Macintosh®
  • Adobe® PostScript® 3 compatibility

Print Resolution  

The PC-600 can print up to 1200 x 600 dpi with super fine dots for photo realistic CMYK printing. Even small text is clearly readable.

Print and Cut Speed

Both printing and cutting with the PC-600 are up to 40% faster than earlier models. The maximum printing speed is 9.8 inches/sec. (250mm/sec). Cutting speed has increased to 8 inches/sec. 

600dpi Resin 5.1 ips
1200 dpi Resin 2.9 ips
600 dpi Wax 9.8 ips
A1 size (CMYK resin) 48 minutes
12” Solid Rectangle (Wax) 31 ft2/hour
12” Rectangle (Resin) 13.55 ft2/hour
12” Rectangle (Resin) Ribbon Saver Mode 24 ft2/hour


The PC-600’s reformulated resin inks in process colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black - continue to offer water-resistant, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant outdoor durability without lamination. New specialty spot colors of orange and green have been introduced for the PC-600. Other spot colors include red, blue, and white, as well as, metallic gold and metallic silver, distinctive colors available only with thermal transfer technology. 1200 dpi photo-quality prints and colorful graphics can be printed directly onto vinyl 2” to 24” wide.

Wax ribbon cartridges are available in process colors for heat transfer applications. A new gloss finish ribbon is available exclusively for the PC-600 as an option to give a polished appearance to wax ribbon output. The PC-600 also has 1200 dpi photorealistic print quality and significantly improved printing speeds when using wax ribbons. Printing with wax ribbons on the PC-600 is twice as fast as using resin ribbons and twice as fast printing with wax ribbons on the PC-60.  

Roland ColorChoice

Every PC-600 includes Roland ColorChoice (RCC), a true Adobe© PostScript© 3 multi-platform software RIP to provide powerful RIP, cutting and output functions. RCC works with Windows or Mac operating systems. Simply create your design in your favorite software graphics application and hit “Print”. Bitmaps and contour-cuts can be designed from your graphics software applications. RCC is fully Adobe© PostScript© 3 compatible. For multiple copies, RCC will RIP the original, then, automatically lay-out and print unlimited multiples. You can check the page layout, rotate, mirror, and more before printing. RCC contains a block-print function for improved registration on extra long jobs. ICC profiles are included for Roland media and ribbon cartridges to ensure perfect color output every time. 

Ribbon Saver and Power Saver Modes

In response to industry demand for improved running costs, the PC-600 introduces the ‘ribbon-saver’ function. The ribbon will not move in non-print areas, saving an average of up to 20% per color depending on image design and color spacing. The PC-600 also features a new power-saving mode to conserve energy when the machine is not in use. Sending data or pressing any key on the control panel quickly resumes operation. 

Automatic Sheet Cutter

The PC-600 now features an automatic sheet cutter that allows
the user to slice off already cut vinyl jobs cleanly and easily via 
a front panel button or via a software command. The new option 
will allow the user to begin weeding jobs without interrupting cutting 
production. The media cutter can separate vinyl, reflective material, 
and thermal transfer materials.

Clear Cover  

The PC-600 now ships with a clear cover so that the user can 
view the print job in progress.   

Accessory Compartment

The PC-600 includes a convenient accessories compartment, 
adding convenience to the production environment. This accessory compartment can hold up to 2 different tool holders or pens and 
also has a tray for storing blades. It’s a great tool for organizing 
accessories and also keeps them with the machine, which makes 
it easier when multiple operators are involved.   

New Front Panel

The PC-600 features several new options on the front panel as 
well as new mechanical switches instead of membrane-type 
switches. These mechanical switches make it much easier for 
the user to confirm that the button was activated. The following 
buttons can be found on the PC-600:   

#1: Data Clear – Holding down this key until a beep is heard deletes the data being received.
#2: Head Cleaning – This performs forced cleaning of the printing head.
#3: Align Key – This sets an align point for correcting the slant of loaded material.
#4: Sheet Cut Key – This separates the printed or cut portion from the roll.
#5: Tool force control slider – Now located on the front of the machine for easy access.   

Media Roller Brake

As with the current PRO series cutters, each PC-600 will include a stand and a media holder system. “Sheet Hangers” come attached to the unit, ensuring parallel placement of the media roll to the machine, which is essential for straight tracking. The PC-600 will also include a media roller brake that will allow the user to pull the material taut through the machine without unraveling the roll.


ColorCAMM PRO Specifications

Printing Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi ,  600 x 600dpi  selectable
Cutting Resolution 0.025 mm /step (0.000984"/step)
Printing Speed
Resin Ribbon 5.1"/sec.  (130 mm /sec.) in 600 x 600dpi
3"/sec.  (75 mm/sec.) in 1200  x 600 dpi
Wax Ribbon 10"/sec. (250 mm/sec.) in 600  x 600 dpi
Cutting Speed 0.393"/sec - 11.8"/sec  (10mm/sec. - 300 mm/sec.)
Acceptable media widths 2"-24" (50mm-610 mm)

Maximum Work Area

 (22-1/2" to 984-1/8")  571.6mm x 24.998 mm
Acceptable Media type Adhesive vinyl, thickness 9 MIL - 2.4 MIL (0.23mm - 0.06mm)
Media split method Automatic sheet cutter
Number of installed cartridge 6 pieces
Cutter Force 30gf - 200gf
Interface Bi-direction parallel (IEEE1284 / nibble mode)
Memory 2MB
Power-saving function Automatic sleep function
Primary power source Universal  AC 85V - 276V  50/60Hz
Dimensions 44-5/16" ( W) x 12-7/8" ( D) x 11-3/16"(H)
(1125 mm (W) x 326 mm (D) x 285 mm (H))
Main unit 68.2 lb.(31Kg)
With stand 110.1 lb. (50Kg)
Operating Temperature 59-86 °F  (15-30 °C)
Operating Humidity 35% - 70% (non-condensing)
Accessories Included Power cord, Thermal transfer ribbon cartridge, Blade, Blade Holder, Material for test cuts, Head cleaner, Roland ColorChoice®, Roland ColorChoice® installation guide, User's manual
 Roland ColorChoice Adobe® Postscript®3, Multi Platform RIP driver (Windows® 95/98/NT, Macintosh®)

All specifications subject to change