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PNC-300 modeling device


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Complete package of 3D modeling hardware & software.

The CAMM-3 Model PNC-300 is a radical desktop 3D CNC machine that gives physical form to 3D data for use in investment castings. The PNC-300 offers outstanding specifications, functions, operability, and high-precision machining performance, delivering output quality that is guaranteed to satisfy. This desktop mill is offered at an affordable low price that makes it a great choice for use in a wide range of applications from design to industrial machining.


CAMM-3 Three Axis Devices

High-precision Machining 

The PNC-300 is a low-cost 3D modeling solution. In a complete departure from conventional 3D modeling, having the PNC-300 as an in-house device aids in rapid prototyping by greatly reducing time to market. What is more, the PNC-300 offers high-precision machining performance - now it's easy to access sophisticated three-dimensional modeling with maximum operation speeds of 3.6 meter/minute for the X and Y axes and 1.8 meter/minute for the Z axis, software resolution of 0.01 mm/step, and mechanical resolution of 0.00125 mm/step. And in addition to modeling, the PNC-300 performs simple 2D engraving functions as well.

Safe and Clean 

The PNC-300 is not just convenient. It's also been designed to ensure safety in every way. The front cover simultaneously helps to keep shavings and dust produced during the machining process from entering the surrounding environment and will abort the job if opened during operation as a built-in safety feature. This makes it possible to operate the PNC-300 in any office environment. The PNC-300 is also designed for low-noise performance that won't intrude on creativity and concentration. And because its compact design can ensure space-saving installation, the PNC-300 is sure to enjoy use in a wide range of situations, including schools, offices, in R & D facilities as well as manufacturing facilities.

Supports a Wide Variety of Materials 

Modeling can be accomplished with materials such as modeling wax, chemical wood, modeling foam, many types of resins, and soft non-ferrous metals like aluminium and brass. Because the material can be chosen to meet the need, the PNC-300 offers a wide range of opportunities in a broader range of applications.

High-efficiency Modeling That Faithfully Reproduces the Image 

The attractiveness of arcs and curved surfaces are where the true value of a modeling machine is a really put to the test. The PNC-300 is equipped with a smoothing function that provides smooth control of movement in the X-Y plane, allowing cutting to be carried out quickly as well as smoothly. Other features include an optional 1Mbyte memory buffer. When this is installed, it is possible to make use of the repeat function, whereby a job sent to the PNC-300 can be machined repeatedly without re-sending the data from the host computer - just one of the ways the PNC-300 strives for high-efficiency machining operations as it does in every way.


PNC-300 Specifications

OPERATION RANGE (X-Y-Z) 4.688" (120mm); 3.875" (100mm); 4.688" (120mm)
SPINDLE ROTATION SPEED 3,000-8,000 rpm (Controllable by manual or by instruction)
TOOL CHUCK Collet System dia. 6 mm Standard
MAX. WORKING SPEED X&Y Axis.: 3.6m/min. Z Axis: 1.8m/min.
MIN. WORK SPEED 0.03m/min.
SOFTWARE RESOLUTION 0.01mm/step or 0.025mm/step
INTERFACE Parallel (Centronics), Serial (RS-232C)
INSTRUCTION SYSTEM CAMM-GLI (mode 1: Compatible with Roland's CAMM-2 & CAMM-3 series. mode 2: HP-GL emulation, also plotter unit = 0.025mm can be accepted)
SAFETY FUNCTION Safety Cover, Emergency Stop Switch
BUFFER SIZE (I/O) 1KB (expandable up to 1MB)
DISPLAY LCD: 20Letters x 2Lines (Back-Lit)
POWER CONSUMPTION 1.7A/117V 1.0A/220-230V 0.9A/240V
ACOUSTIC NOISE LEVEL Operating mode: under 60dB (A),
Stand-by mode: under 55dB (A) (According to ISO 7779)
DIMENSIONS (W x D x H) 19.313" x 20.375" x 16.938"
(490mm x 516mm x 430mm)
WEIGHT 79.4 lb. (36kg)
Temperature: 41-104 deg. fahrenheit (5 - 40 deg. celsius),
Humidity: 35 - 80% (non-condensing)
ACCESSORIES Dr. PICZA for Windows95, AC adaptor, PICZA user's manual